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There is a growing awareness in our society of the importance of social impact, sustainability

and a commitment to finding innovative solutions to better our planet. Supporting a cause can improve a business or event's reputation, increase customer loyalty, attract a wider audience and enhance its brand value and credibility.

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At CCA, our mission is to create positive social change by providing innovative and impactful solutions to organizations and individuals working towards a more just and equitable world. We partner with our clients to co-create and implement strategies that address complex social and environmental challenges, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and advance sustainability. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services with integrity and empathy is grounded in our belief that meaningful and enduring change is possible when we work collaboratively and with purpose.

Our expertise lies in integrating philanthropy into your company's operations, events, festivals, podcasts, TV Shows, and more. We will help you seamlessly incorporate charitable giving and social impact initiatives into your business strategy, enhancing your brand's reputation and visibility, all while making a positive difference in our community.

Meet our Founder: Arielle Caputo
Arielle has spent the last decade living in Los Angeles working simultaneously in two prominent fields: entertainment and social impact, creating a diverse range of projects from charity galas, fundraisers, and pop-ups; with a focus on youth education and empowerment, homelessness, sustainability, health and wellness, and mental well-being, as well as assisting with the Annual Global Youth Awards. She just completed NFT LA as Head of Social Impact where she partnered with multiple non-profits and created numerous impact focused initiatives.

"By incorporating social impact initiatives in the foundation of a company, project, or conference, we have the power to effect significant change on a much larger scale."

Our focus as an agency, is on the intersection of entertainment, web3 and social impact and how we leverage these three industries to create greater impact in our world. We are passionate about bringing together our operational expertise and commitment to social impact to create meaningful and successful events and initiatives.

Arielle Caputo Shares Where Web3 Innovators and Social Impact Collide

Ahead of Outer Edge LA, the country's biggest Web3 convention, the event's Social Impact track leader, Arielle Caputo explains how to find the brands making a measurable difference.

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The Impactful LA Charity Fashion Show You Don’t Wanna Miss ft. WIN

Are you ready to get your fashion on and make a difference for women in war zones? Then mark your calendar for March 21st and join the amazing audience that will attend the most anticipated Web3 convention on the West Coast – Outer Edge LA, formerly known as NFT LA...

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Meet Arielle Caputo | Philanthropist

We had the good fortune of connecting with Arielle Caputo and we’ve shared our conversation below...

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Meet Arielle Caputo on the West Side

There is a quote – “happiness, peace, fulfillment- the most priceless of human treasures, come to those who do good in the world around them.” To put it simply – I wanted to feel good again and this state I was in, was not a good place. So I said to myself, let’s put this quote to the test...

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Arielle Caputo Is on the Front Lines of Teen Suicide

Instead, she simply and humbly produced good deeds, which began to ripple far and wide. Caputo is reaching out to the American teen and saving lives. Her work in suicide prevention is making a life-living impact.

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Health and wellness start within

Everything in our environment is having an effect on us, in either a positive or negative way. From the food we eat, to the water we consume, to the music we listen to, and tv we watch…

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