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Consulting Crypto and NFT related companies on their Social Impact Reach.

Building community, creating social impact, and integrating projects into mainstream culture via Fashion, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Art, & Media.

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I have spent the last decade living in Los Angeles working in two prominent fields: entertainment and social impact. Creating a diverse range of projects from charity galas, fundraisers, and pop-ups; with a focus on youth education and empowerment, homelessness, sustainability, health and wellness, and mental well-being. As well as assisting with the Annual Global Youth Awards (an award show for children ages 12-18 who are bettering the world).

We have now stepped into a whole new era with the rise of Crypto and NFTs; allowing organizations to collect dollars in a way never seen before. I am incredible passionate about the intersection of crypto, entertainment, social impact and combining the three for instrumental impact.

Many crypto companies are now creating a 1-5% mechanism into the token for charitable donations; meaning every time the token is bought or traded, a percentage automatically goes into a charity wallet. This simple component allows crypto tokens to contribute ongoing to numerous causes and organizations seamlessly. This in turns allows all their shareholders to be a part of a community giving back and making a difference. It completely changes the way nonprofits have to work to fundraise; reducing their hours spent trying to raise funds and can now devote more time to their organization’s philanthropic efforts.  

However, many businesses often do not know which organizations are in good legal standing or have transparency with their donations...  

I consult Crypto and NFT related companies on their social impact reach and assist in allocating the designated charitable funds to causes and organizations that closely match the company's core missions and goals.

By incorporating social impact initiatives in the foundation of a company, we are able to make instrumental change in the world together.

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